Safe Foods To Eat When You Begin Your Braces Journey

Safe Foods To Eat When You Begin Your Braces Journey

So the big day has finally come, and you’ve gotten your braces in! It’s an exciting moment to realize that your path to a straight, beautiful smile has begun, but daunting as you realize that for the next few months to years your diet is going to be affected! The good news is there’s a huge variety of foods that you can enjoy while you have your braces, and we’re going to introduce you to some of them in the following list. Don’t despair of ever eating your favorite things again, but until you can you can enjoy anything from the list below!

Yogurt Is A Go!
Yogurt is a rich and creamy treat that comes in a complete rainbow of flavors! It’s like ice cream for breakfast and can be combined with soft fruits to make it even more enticing. There’s no chewing necessary either, so you won’t have to worry about anything getting caught in your braces or causing pain if your braces are new. The only drawback is you’ll need to brush your teeth afterward (get used to this) because of the high sugar content.

Mac And Cheese

We aren’t just talking about everyone’s favorite in its recognizable blue box; there’s a huge variety of Mac and Cheese out there in a wide range of flavors. Once again this food is soft and requires only a little chewing, so it’s excellent for braces whether you’ve just gotten them or have had them for a while. No, chewing isn’t forbidden with braces or anything, it’s just unlikely for a food to get stuck in your braces if you don’t have to chew it!

Chicken Noodle Soup
We’re all familiar with this soup from our childhood when it was the mainstay of cold winter days and time spent home sick in bed. It’s also an excellent choice for when you have braces! Once again there’s minimal chewing necessary, and all the vitamins and minerals it contains are fantastic for your teeth! If you want to add a little more substance to it, you can also soak crackers in it to get a salty and delicious boost to your meal. Just be sure to let them soften a little before you bite down!

Bananas Are Bananas!
These delicious fruits are an incredible source of potassium, and are also completely safe for those wearing braces to eat! You can prepare them in any number of ways, including making a banana split (ice cream is safe too!) or mixing them in with your yogurt in the morning for an incredible mix of flavors and textures that will make eating with braces seem a dream!

Don’t forget these are only the beginning of all the foods you can eat with braces! If you have any more questions contact Dr. Gregg Tartakow at the Orthodontic Center of Santa Monica, they’ve been helping patients like you survive the rigors of life with braces as a standard part of their practice. Remember that having braces means that one day you’ll have that beautiful smile you’ve always dreamed of, a limited variety of food is just a temporary measure!

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