Problems That Braces Can Correct

Problems That Braces Can Correct

We all know someone who has had braces and we have possibly even wondered if they were the right choice for treating some dental concern of our own. The majority of patients aren’t aware of what braces can be used to fix, and may have a concern about the appearance of their teeth they haven’t asked their dentist about as a result. If you’re wondering whether braces could help you reach your dental health goals, read on. We’re going to cover some of the things that braces can help you with.

Five Problems That Can Be Corrected With Braces

Braces were created to help resolve certain orthodontic issues, and have proven to be incredibly effective at doing so. While primarily used for issues directly involving the teeth, that isn’t the only issue they can correct.

  • Jaws That Are Misaligned – Some patients experience a misalignment of the jaw, either through injury or due to congenital (inherited) factors.

  • Overcrowding – In some cases a patient’s teeth are coming in in a way that crowds out the other teeth, braces can correct this.

  • Spaces between the Teeth – In cases where there are sizable gaps between the teeth braces can help bring them together in a more aesthetically pleasing and supportive position.

  • Overbite/Underbite – If your bite is misaligned due to conditions like these getting treatment with braces can correct them.

  • Periodontal Concerns – Certain issues related to the gums are treatable with this method.

Braces work to correct your orthodontic concerns by applying pressure in specific ways to the structure of your mouth. Through this pressure, they readjust the placement of your teeth resulting in a steady correction of your dental issues. Failure to treat certain orthodontic issues can lead to long term, even permanent, ramifications.

What Are The Benefits Of Wearing Braces?

There are a number of benefits that come with wearing braces, all of them related to the corrected position of your teeth. It’s easier to clean teeth through brushing and flossing if they’re straight, leading to improved oral health. Eating is easier when you’re able to chew your food properly with straight teeth. Teeth that are misaligned or out of place suffer greater wear from chewing, leading to dental problems down the road. Speech can also be impaired with misaligned teeth, so braces can help you speak clearly and with more confidence than ever before.

Braces are an incredible way to correct orthodontic issues in your mouth and are a method that has been in use for almost 300 years. Over this period the process has been refined and improved until it finally culminated in the braces we have today. If you’re considering braces contact the Orthodontic Center of Santa Monica and schedule an appointment with Dr. Grtegg Tartakow. They help patients in the Santa Monica, CA area get the smile they’ve always dreamed of at affordable rates. Don’t let your time in the sun be impeded by a smile you aren’t proud of, call and start your road to a perfect smile today!

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