Maintenance After Invisalign

Maintenance After Invisalign


Many of the patients who plan to start the transparent orthodontic treatment Invisalign will have heard about the famous “Phase of Refinement,” also called the 2nd phase or the “refinement” phase.

Today, we want to clear up those doubts and inform you all of this phase of Invisalign refinement.

We begin with the Invisalign refinement, the first phase of your Invisalign treatment should be completed. When this happens, you will enter the refinement phase or perfect aligners. Our goal is to polish those little details that are missing to show the SMILE OF YOUR DREAMS.

More and more patients choose to correct their smile with the invisible orthodontics of Invisalign, but what happens when the treatment ends? The answer is simple. It usually begins at the maintenance stage, which requires the use of dental retainers. This stage is also important, and for this, a retainer can become your best ally.

Before ending the treatment, the maintenance cycle is of vital importance to preserve the position of the teeth obtained.

Why Are Dental Retainers Important After the Treatment of Invisalign?

The use of retainers after orthodontic treatments is a crucial phase. Its function is to maintain the stability of the teeth in the new position. In many cases, the last aligner will be used as a temporary hold until your retention option is determined. In this case, it is essential that your doctor shares with you all the circumstances and addresses the needs of each patient. Correct alignment improves the function of the surrounding bones and tissues and periodontal health in general. Hence, it is vital to maintaining the effects of orthodontics when it ends.

The dental retainers are manufactured with the same technology as the Invisalign aligners. They use the CLIN Check software to generate 3D digital images, a patented thermoplastic material, thanks to an advanced manufacturing process.

The time of use of the retention devices varies according to each patient. But generally, they should be used for 8 to 10 hours during the night over the following months.

How Are Dental Retainers?

There are different dental devices for the maintenance of results, both fixed retainers, and removable retainers, and according to the particular case of the patient, it is recommended to choose the one that is best suited to their requirements.

When Does the Treatment End?

When the maintenance devices are placed, you will enter the MAINTENANCE PHASE. The final result of your orthodontics will depend on your retainers, so this will be the final sprint. Do not lose all the work and effort made here.

And remember that the last aligner is not a maintenance device. They are giving of themselves and are bound to turn yellow little by little. You should never take it for more than one month and always 22 hours a day.


After everything is said and done, you must remember that any kind of oral treatment should be conducted in safe environs after proper research. After all, a smile is forever!

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