How Children’s Orthodontics Differ From Adults

How Children’s Orthodontics Differ From Adults

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Orthodontics, the practice of treating oral irregularities in the teeth, jaws, and gums of dental patients, is something that most of us experience at some point in our lives. Orthodontics, however, are not equal across all age groups. The considerations that must be taken into account for young patients isn’t the same as those for mature or elderly patients. If you’re in need of orthodontic work and want to know what kind of things need to be considered based on your age or those of your children, read on!

Kids Bodies and Adults Bodies Are Not The Same
Kids and adults obviously have some significant differences in their physiology, and one of those differences is that adults jaws have already hardened. While this closes certain treatment options for adults, it opens them up for children who still have soft malleable jaws. It is the soft jaws of children that allows for braces to do their work, gradually changing the placement of their teeth within the jaw. For adults, this procedure often requires surgery in combination with braces to accomplish the same goal.

It’s Not Just The Bones, Gums Are Different Toothbrush
Kids gums are generally pretty healthy, in part due to the limited amount of time they’ve had to treat them poorly. Adults gum health varies widely based on their oral care habits. This means that it’s easier to perform orthodontic care on children, but adults may be suffering from various stages of periodontal disease or gingivitis, which must be resolved before work can continue.

Previous Orthodontic Work Can Be An Issue

We know, it seems like kids have all the advantages, and this is another place where that rings true. It’s not uncommon for adults to have had teeth removed at some point in their life, but this can lead to problems for the orthodontist. These extraction sites may not be a good place to have teeth moved into, requiring prosthetic bone to be implanted into the area before it’s possible. Also, closing these gaps can be a real challenge, since adult bones have already hardened.

Where Adults Excel: Psychological Fortitude
No one is going to deny that kids are pretty resilient when it comes to dealing with some of life’s realities, but adults really excel in orthodontics in this area. They’re able to properly care for their dental work and don’t find it a struggle to understand the benefit of long-term outcomes. Also, since adults have more experience with the dentist, they tend to have less overall anxiety about the situation, something that comes in incredibly handy when it’s procedure time.

If you’re looking at having orthodontic work done and have more questions about the procedures involved, pick up the phone and call an expert like Dr. Gregg Tartakow at the Orthodontic Center of Santa Monica. His extensive experience in the field means he will be able to provide you with excellent guidance and be able to provide you with a comprehensive view of the work that can be done. Don’t let fear of orthodontics get you down, make an appointment today!

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