Having Braces a Second Time

Having Braces a Second Time

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While it’s not uncommon for people to have to get braces at some point in their life, there are certain instances where a second round of braces is required.  While this may seem like a bit of a nightmare, it’s actually becoming a more common occurrence in countries around the world. Experts like Dr. Gregg Tartakow have been guiding orthodontic patients on whether or not a second round of braces is appropriate for them.

What Drives The Need For A Second Round Of Braces
Braces are an incredibly effective way of handling certain dental imperfections, and it’s not unusual for them to be prescribed in instances where their ability to adjust out of alignment teeth can benefit the patient.  So why would you want to get a second round of braces down?

  • Continuing Adjustment – Sometimes after the original braces are removed changes may occur that lead to the teeth coming out of alignment again, whether through damage, trauma, or just natural drift or poor habits.
  • Getting a Competitive Edge – Research has revealed that a winning smile can help you obtain that much-desired job by giving you an edge over the competition.  Whether right or wrong it’s clear that good oral health with a straight white smile gives job seekers an edge over their competition by adding to that all-important first impression.
  • Self-Image and Confidence – Even more important than competing in your career is your feelings of self-worth and confidence.  If you’re unhappy with your smile even after the first round of braces, an additional round of braces may very well help you achieve the smile you’re looking for.  The confidence that comes with a beautiful smile cannot be faked, and it will make a lasting impression on those you meet.

Things To Consider With Braces As An Adult
Ok, so you’ve decided that a second round of braces is the right path for you to take, now what?  As an adult there are different concerns you have to face then you did as a child, and yet there are some that are clearly reminiscent of our time in school with braces.

  • Avoid Alcohol – It’s unlikely that we did a lot of drinking when we had braces as a child, but as an adult, we may like to indulge now and then.  It’s important to remember that alcohol can and will dry out your mouth, and thus can make braces distinctly uncomfortable.
  • Adult Image – On the list of things that are familiar from our time with braces as a child is the ridicule and teasing that can come with having them.  It’s highly unlikely you will face this as an adult, however, since most people have more important things to do and have outgrown the teasing stage. Plus, you will probably notice you have braces more than anyone else, and many people generally don’t even notice them.


If you have questions about getting braces as an adult, contact Dr. Tartakow to set up an appointment and be evaluated for adult braces.   Through the consultation, you’ll get an examination of your oral health as well as determine what kinds of braces are right for you.

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