A Life With Braces: What To Expect

A Life With Braces: What To Expect

It’s finally time to start your journey to a great smile with straight, beautiful teeth, but you’re understandably nervous about what the future with braces means for you. While those who can benefit from braces are often excited about the smile that they’re going to wind up with, they know that people can be cruel and that braces may prevent them from eating some of their favorite things until they’re removed. If you’re one of those who has decided to get braces and would like a little clarity on what to expect in the months to come, then read through this handy guide on a life with braces.

What Will Things Be Like After My Braces?
The first thing you’re going to notice after the final fitting is that your mouth is going to be sore, and you may have some tenderness in your gums as well. It won’t take long for this to fade, typically just 2-3 days will find things back to normal, but in the meantime, your dentist will ensure you have appropriate painkillers for your pain. As time goes on you may notice additional irritations in your mouth as you adjust to having the equipment agitating your lips, tongue, and cheek. To aid with these occurrences just wash your mouth out with salt water.

Will This Change How I Care For My Teeth?
Most of the habits you’ve developed in caring for your teeth up to this point are going to remain largely unchanged, with only minor alterations to accommodate your new set of braces. The frequency with which you brush is one of the things that will need to change, with braces patients being encouraged to brush after every meal to protect the wires of the braces. If you maintain a regular brushing habit you should notice that your braces will be shiny and clean with no debris lodged anywhere in them. While it may be a bit trickier, make sure you continue to floss regularly as well, using floss threaders to get around your braces if necessary.

Will My Diet Need To Change?
That’s entirely dependent on what your diet was before you got the braces, but there are likely to be some things that you have to cut out. Don’t worry too much though, people with braces are still able to enjoy a broad variety of food and most will find that some of their favorites remain on the acceptable list.

Braces-Safe Foods:
• Dairy drinks, pudding, soft cheese, yogurts, and eggs
• Soft wraps like flour tortilla’s
• Muffins without nuts
• Pancakes and Waffles
• Rice and Pasta Cooked Soft
• Meatballs, Seafood, Tender Meats, Lunch Meats
• Vegetables that have been steamed or mashed, particular potatoes and beans
• Smoothies, Berries, Fruit Juices, Sauces
• Jell-O, Brownies, Nutless Ice Cream, Chocolates, but do try to reduce your sugar intake!

Foods To Avoid:
• Licorice or other sticky sweets
• Doughy bread like bagels, french bread, and pizza crust.
• Gummies of all kinds (And caramels!)
• Foods that require biting into, with corn on the cob and ribs as prime examples.

If you’re on the road to a life with braces to correct dental issues you’re experiencing, make sure you consult with an expert like Dr. Gregg Tartakow. He’s specialized in correcting people’s smiles with braces and other forms of cosmetic dentistry for years!

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